Over 30 social enterprises gathered at ARU Chelmsford to mark the launch event for Essex Social Enterprise Network (held on 24th April 2019).

A range of talks gave delegates the chance to hear about very different types of social enterprises (and social entrepreneurs!) and their journey from idea to launch and grow. It also explored the public sector commissioning challenges and opportunities for the sector. Below you will find the presentations provided by speakers, listed in the order they presented at the event:

  1. Welcome and introduction from Andrew Brady, Senior Lecturer, ARU. Andy explained the role of 3rd Sector Futures and why the Essex Social Enterprise Network was important and being launched today. Andy then introduced John Niland, CEO of Provide. Download pdf of presentation: TOWISE intro and John Niland
  2. Andy then introduced a very different social enterprise example thanks to Sonia from Lads Need Dads. Download pdf of presentation: Lads Need Dads
  3. Explaining the context of the research the Essex Social Enterprise Network was involved in, Nicky Stephenson from Social Enterprise East of England explained the research conducted into Essex Social Enterprises and public sector procurement. Download pdf of presentation: TOWISE Procurement and Commissioning Action Research
  4. Finally, local government representatives Paul Dodson (Maldon council) and James Sinclair (Braintree council) presented their further research and findings in how to enable social enterprises to better link with commissioners to deliver social value. They also explained the second challenge of how to encourage commissioners to consider the wider social impact of decisions and social value when making decisions, rather than a narrow cost reduction approach. Download pdf of presentation: Commissioning Social Value