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Roy promotes @BeanBagCafe and also works for @Unltd Roy also works for @PulseGuard #techforgood pioneering heart rate monitor developed to help alert to seizures and other complex medical conditions that cause a sudden change to the heart rate

The Social Mission of local community singing group, Sing Out Loud, is to nurture the joy of singing. We offer men and women of any age, a friendly, welcoming, inclusive space, to sing with others. Through belonging to Sing Out Loud, new and beginner singers can improve their health, well-being, confidence, and social life. Find out more by folling them on twitter @SingOutLoud3 or see

Established in 2017, Ace Music Therapy is a music therapy service based in Chelmsford, Essex. Ace Music Therapy work with schools, hospices, charities and individual clients to provide high quality music therapy provision at excellent competitive prices. Find out more by following them on twitter @acemusictherapy or have a look at their website

Creating new futures. Orb8 provides a wide range of therapeutic mental health, wellbeing and related health and education services directly to and in respect of traumatised, hard to reach and marginalised children, young people and young adults aged 0 -25 years.

Orb8 has been created in recognition that this group often have complex and significant emotional, relational, psychological and related health presentations which can be difficult for everyone to understand and manage. Further that this group are often disadvantaged in trying to access services and are often excluded directly or by circumstances. Find out more by following Orb8 on twitter @Orb8NewFutures or see their website

Stave House is a method of teaching children to read, write and play music. It uses a magnetic board and magnetic characters to represent the notes on the stave, and the children learn musical notation through stories, games and songs.

Find out more by following them on twitter @StaveHouseRuth or you can even download the Stave House App via their website or Google Play or the itunes App Store website. Find out more and links at

Complete Lifelong Wellbeing Provider – Helping people live healthier & happier. Motivated Minds design and facilitate sustainable health and wellbeing solutions. Our focus is both preventative, as well as offering a range of one-stop-shop services to meet the needs of those suffering from mental ill health, as well as offer support for those who would like to enhance their life chances. Find out more at